SOW stands for Sound of Wales. We are a collective of musicians, creatives and storytellers based in Wales who love Jesus and above all want to be a part of revealing his glory to the Earth through the sounds of heaven.

SOW are more than just a band…they are prayer soaked visionaries and revival fuelled missionaries.

Wales as a nation, is known for its rich heritage of song and revival. One hundred years ago, this nation was bountiful with real life stories of lives being transformed from the inside out. Young and old met Jesus and the pubs emptied – churches were filled to capacity as the Holy Spirit fell. People’s eyes were lifted to the radical truth that Jesus sets them free!! The song of the land has been sung for generations in every nook and cranny of Wales and is still being sung today. Music and song is the life-blood of Wales and melody flows through our veins! Much of our cultural identity is rooted here and we believe that music, song & creativity are amazing vehicles that God uses to bring His glory.

As SOW our passion is twofold; we are passionate about Evangelism and using music as well as creativity to take the gospel to this nation of song and further afield. We also have a huge heart for worship music and believe that getting into the presence of the King of Kings changes people and hearts. Encountering God is one of the greatest gifts that we have as His children.

Sound of Wales are part of the Going Public Trust