Time and time again the scripture tells us to sing a ‘new song’ to the Lord. This tells us that every new generation needs to write and create it’s own music and this merged with our Welsh heritage, and most importantly inhabited with the spirit, will bring wildfire in our midst.

SOW is all about making music for our King of kings – gathering together with all manner of people to worship God – for this love is so amazing – it really does demand our all. We want to seek God for the sound of Wales, rooted in our heritage but defined by our Saviour. The old Celtic sound merged with a new sound relevant for today. We want our lyrics to be full of depth and truth – unveiling Christ in all his fullness. Wales is known as the land of hymns – and these hymns are distillations of the richest truths of God – set to music. We aim to write with richness, exhortation and praise in view of our awesome Gods grace.


Wide Open Spaces captures SOW live…a scenario where their true passion for God and revival is expressed. New songs such as the emotive Ancient Wells and the congregational Wide Open Spaces feature alongside classic revival hymns Here Is Love and O Love That Will Not Let Me Go, both re-imagined within a fresh musical framework.A string section added depth and beauty to an already imaginative sound…and the combined voices of Cath, Jess, Hannah, Matt and Rachel are a powerhouse of harmony.


Eleven stirring ‘vocal-only’ renditions of songs old and new from a collaboration of friends who long to share the spiritual history and significance of Wales. From the welsh version of ‘Here Is Love’ to ‘Bread Of Heaven ‘ and traditional tunes ‘Myfanwy and ‘Dacw ‘Nghariad’, SOW Acappella sing their hearts out…


Using old and new songs and merging them together Sound of Wales have created and empowered, powerful and intimate worship. Wales is known as the ‘land of song’ and of great revival. SOW have a three stranded vision and are committed to capturing the song and for it to be inhabited by the spirit of God. The album has 10 tracks, 8 of which are new original tracks written with congregational worship in mind. This album has a wide range of instrumentation from accordion to ukulele to string quartets and much more.

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